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My name is Alan Devar.
I hold a diploma in Cost & Management Accounting, degrees in Business Finance and Theology. I am married to Rani, a devoted Christian. We have two children and two grandchildren.

I retired after working for an International Food Company for thirty years. After successfully holding various positions in finance, aspiring to Group Management Accountant, I finally took corporate responsibility for Global Business Excellence, reporting directly to the CEO.

As regards my Faith, I believe in the inerrancy and sufficiency of Scripture. I accept the Bible to be the authoritative word of God. I currently fellowship at Fourways Family Church, where I am an Elder. I have been a lay preacher, taught and led Sunday schools in various congregations, and led Bible Study Groups for most of my adult life.

My Statement of Faith is attached.
Some four years ago, I established a ministry in the informal settlements where I taught the desperately poor unemployable small businesses skills, with reasonable success and, of course, some failures. A calling the flamboyant should avoid!

I live a modest lifestyle. Do gym regularly to keep fit. I spend time with my pets, three dogs, and a bird, spend lots of time tending my home orchard, and my recently acquired hobby of propagating fruit trees by marcotting or air-layering. I currently have forty fruit trees.

The purpose of establishing this site is to share and hold conversations with like-minded believers. I believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our Lord, must be presented in all its simplicity. Finally, I pray that many may come to the knowledge and saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Alan Devar

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