Prayer for our Nation -Audio Version

Prayer For Our Nation

Prayer For Our Nation -

The Lord is our refuge and strength! Bless His Holy Name!

Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

Psalms 139:23-24 NIV

Lord God Almighty, hear we beseech you the prayer of your servant. We pray today for our nation. Although now under control, the burning, looting, and pillaging leave the country with many unanswered questions.

Our situation reminds us of the days of the Judges when everyone did as they pleased. There was no fear of God! Then you brought judgement upon your chosen people by allowing their pagan neighbours to raid, loot and pillage their farms, businesses and homes.

Father, our nation stubbornly holds onto ungodly laws, contrary to your word. The Covid Virus strikes terror into many hearts, conjuring up feelings of judgement for our many sins. But the redeemed know that You alone are our light and our salvation; You alone are the protection of our lives.

Many, Lord, have directed you to clear the land of this fearful Virus, often using you as a means to an end. Grant Lord that we would look into ourselves instead; examine our perverse and ungodly ways, and return to holiness.

Sovereign Lord, be merciful to us, do not consume us in your wrath.

Father, we recall when your people in the time of the Judges humbled themselves, repented of their sins and idolatry and begged your forgiveness, you forgave them and restored their relationship with yourself. You also restored protection over your people and prospered them.

We come similarly today to seek your mercy and grace; we come with humility; penitent hearts to seek forgiveness. We ask that you restore us into a right relationship with yourself so that we who are called by your name may walk uprightly, always in fear of the Lord. Grant also Lord that Your Hand of Providence may not be withheld, especially from those of the household.

Father, perhaps you are also judging the nations so harshly because of the apostasy in the Church. If so, Lord, grant that every true believer in Jesus Christ will be conscious of this great evil and not unequally yoke themselves with this great falling away!

Father, now we thank you for Jesus Christ and His work on the Cross and God the Holy Spirit you so generously gave us. We love you, Lord; we worship and adore you!

In Jesus Name.


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